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Ask the Experts: Working Together

Posted by Soderquist Leadership on Sep 20, 2016 10:06:00 AM


Q: My annual reviews usually bring up that I need to work on my connecting with co-workers more. Why is this important?

A: Your success is dependent upon other people, and other people may need to connect with you on more than a task-driven level. It helps to think of co-workers as “internal customers.” Your external customers are the end users of your product or service; however, your internal customers are those people who rely on you (and you rely on them) to create sustainability in what your organization produces.

Relating well to our internal customers (co-workers) assists in our development and strengthens process, productivity, and service to the external customer. Connecting with each other formally and informally builds trust, which could come in handy when resolving conflicts, asking for help, and collaborating on projects.

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This "Ask the Experts" is the sixth installment of a six-part series where our expert facilitators answer some of the major questions we hear in the marketplace.

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Written by:
Gary Swyers
Senior Program Manager


Topics: Leadership, High Performing Teams, Personal Development