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Great leaders share talent with the rest of the organization

Posted by Soderquist Leadership on Oct 20, 2016 8:00:00 AM


I was part of a group that was touring the back end activities of an order fulfillment operation. Our tour guide was showing us a scoreboard where a particular customer service metric was tracked. While his own numbers stood out as far beyond the rest, he spoke only of the successes of the people who report to him. I was impressed with that.

As he was bragging on two of his team members, he pointed out that they were performing very well and that they had aspirations to move on from their current roles. The team leader pointed out several specific attributes about these team members that will serve them well as they pursue roles of broader responsibility. He commented, “I’m glad to have them for however long I do.”

Rather than bemoaning the fact that he would likely lose two of his most valuable team members relatively quickly to other parts of the organization, he was helping them explore possibilities and cheering them on. I wouldn’t be surprised if that team leader’s area is known as a talent incubator.

There is great power in an organization that establishes practices of talent building and sharing rather than talent hoarding.

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Written by:
Sandy Tush
Senior Facilitator,
Program Manager


Topics: Leadership