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Top 5 Blog Posts of 2016

Posted by Soderquist Leadership on Dec 29, 2016 3:22:00 PM


It's that time of year again! As 2016 comes to a close and we gear up for a new year, we wanted to take a look back and share with you our top blog posts from this past year.

Enjoy Soderquist's Top 5 of 2016!


1. 3 Things I Tell Anyone I Mentor

Mentorship can look different in every relationship, but here are three things that are helpful tips to share with anyone you mentor!  

2. Mythbusting Work-Life Balance 

Work-Life Balance. If you could somehow get that right, it would be the magic bullet finally putting to rest all of your worries and stresses, right? Here are some tips to tackle the infamous work-life balance myth.

3. Millennials: 5 Ways to Rebrand Your Image at Work

Included are FIVE ways to rebrand your image as a millennial and prove to others (#YourMom #YourBoss #THEWHOLEWORLD ) that you ARE the exception and you are NOT the traditional millennial.  

4. Make Your Message Matter 

Inappropriate use of communication is listed as the biggest mistake leaders make. Avoid this common mistake by reading how to better your verbal communication.

5. Excuse Me, Your Values Are Showing

Values, by definition, are the things you believe that are so completely important to you and to the way you view the world, they actually drive the way you act. What is your 'walk' showing others that you value? Is it the same as what you say you value?


Happiest of New Years from the entire team at Soderquist Leadership.  We hope to see you in 2017!


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