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Values vs. Goals

Posted by Soderquist Leadership on May 25, 2016 12:28:07 PM


I am reading The Confidence Gap by Harris. In it he puts forth the need to distinguish goals from values.  Goals are things to be completed.  Values are what we hold most important in life and are what give us direction.  Goals are time defined while values endure. You need both.  However, many of us spend more time on goals than values and the results are lackluster.  

Why? Because goals focus us on the outcome and we judge success by reaching those goals. Goals take time to achieve and the road to completion can be challenging.  

However, values are what fuel us along the journey.  Tapping into our values can allow us to find satisfaction as we work toward our goals.  For example, the goal might be to launch that new product innovation.  The values we ground in along the way - agility, responsibility, courage for example - are at the heart of us achieving said goal.  

Think about your values.  Name them and write them down.  Share them with others.  Then, think about how they can fuel your journey to achieve your goals.  You might even go as far as to evaluate your goals in light of your values.  

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Written by Jeremiah A. Palmer
Guest Contributor for Soderquist Blog

Jeremiah is a leadership coach, adjunct professor, and brand manager, and is committed to helping others grow and develop into the best leaders they can be. Check out Jeremiah's Blog here. 

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